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About 'Music RPG'

You first create a 'musician character'. In the game you can sell/buy instruments, practice on them, create bands with other people, practice/play gigs with them etc. Alternatively to an ordinary musician character you can also be a location owner or a sound studio owner. To play, you have to log in regularly (reasonable is from 'every three hours' to 'every three days') and execute playing actions.

Band of the day 1: Frazek & die päpstlichen Sängerknaben

Members: Punking

Bandinfo: Ich bin Frazek und die Seiten meines Basses sind die päpstlichen Sängerknaben. In meinem Soloprojekt singe ich unterhaltsame Lieder an der Grenze zum erträglichen in dem unverkennbaren Stil Schrammelschlager, welcher mich bei Fussballfans, Rentnern und Kleinkindern gleichsam beliebt macht. Muss man gebucht haben.

Gigs wennimmer das Hauptprojekt Donuts, dreadfully revived nicht spielt.

Band of the day 2: Horsehead

Members: mkay, Punkrockkönig, Tom Fugger

Bandinfo: Horsehead ist eine junge, aufstrebende Band aus Berlin.
Ihre Musik besteht aus progressiver Pop/Folk Musik auf rockigen Beats gemischt mit akustischen und elektronischen Gitarren Sounds.


nice cd, everybody listen!!!!asdsaaaasssdsaasdafdsffdsfdasdasfasdfdasa s s d f g h j k l ş i . the price is 15 which is affordable. the date released is 01.02.15. The type of the album is live. I has a rating of 80%. Listennn!!!!


This is their best album yet! I've been a fan for a while, and while they had rocky beginnings, their work now is unbelievable! My personal favorite is Start! which is a creative take on video game themes. I have to say though, Be my wife, as much as I'm a sucker of romantic songs, is the worst on the album. It's not a bad song by itself, but compared to the rest of the more excellent songs, it's lacking.
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