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About 'Music RPG'

You first create a 'musician character'. In the game you can sell/buy instruments, practice on them, create bands with other people, practice/play gigs with them etc. Alternatively to an ordinary musician character you can also be a location owner or a sound studio owner. To play, you have to log in regularly (reasonable is from 'every three hours' to 'every three days') and execute playing actions.

Band of the day 1: Fallen Angels

Members: tiron221, Manuel, Leahh, tiron223

Bandinfo: Nur eine Gothic-Band auf der Suche nach Erfolg, wenn jemand zu uns kommen will, kann sich gerne bewerben.

Band of the day 2: Wurst-Käs-Kinder

Members: Joep_Ass, Mister Rock, lalaley

Bandinfo: -------------- I N A K T I V --------------
-------------- I N A K T I V --------------
-------------- I N A K T I V --------------

Wurst-Käs-Kinder spielen harmonischen Käse mit fettarmer Wurst.

Verantwortlich für diese Grundnahrungsklänge sind:

Joep_Ass (Merchandise)
MisterRock (Booking)
lalaley (Songwriting)

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