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About 'Music RPG'

You first create a 'musician character'. In the game you can sell/buy instruments, practice on them, create bands with other people, practice/play gigs with them etc. Alternatively to an ordinary musician character you can also be a location owner or a sound studio owner. To play, you have to log in regularly (reasonable is from 'every three hours' to 'every three days') and execute playing actions.


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Username: think of a nice name for your musicians character

Mailadress: you have to enter your correct mailadress here. There you'll be sent your activation code, which is essential to play. If you don't have a mailadress yet, visit WWW.GMX.NET, there you can get one for free.

City: You have to choose you virtual residence. Choose your virtual country of origin and enter a city name as search term and choose the city of your choice. Even villages can be found in our Database!

Referer: If someone told you about this game and you know his username, you can write it here, so he gets some benefits.

Characteristics: you can distribute 100 points on the following characteristics:

  • Show-talent/Sex-Appeal: this has influence on fans you get at gigs.
  • Musicality: How easy do you lean an instrument?
  • Team spirit: social competencies matter in a band.
  • Arrangement: Theoretical knwoldge of music eases the songwriting.
  • Writing/Texting: Anyone talented in writing contributes a lot to the songwriting and may perhaps even wite a newspaper article some time.
  • Creativity: How much imagination do you have? Important for song-writing
  • Organisation: Are you always on time and coordinate gigs and bands?
  • Light/Technic: The handling with technics is important for the owner of a sound studio.
  • Kitchen/Bar: It is usefull to be able to cook and mix cocktails for owners of small caf├ęs/pubs.

After submitting the data you can login with your username and passwort under "Login". In game you can do actions with AP (action-points), think of 10 AP as 1 hour of your virtual time.

Further help for the game can be found ingame. And now, have fun... Any ideas or criticism please post in the forum or to info@musikrollenspiel.de
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