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About 'Music RPG'

You first create a 'musician character'. In the game you can sell/buy instruments, practice on them, create bands with other people, practice/play gigs with them etc. Alternatively to an ordinary musician character you can also be a location owner or a sound studio owner. To play, you have to log in regularly (reasonable is from 'every three hours' to 'every three days') and execute playing actions.

Band of the day 1: EatMyShorts

Members: idexitron, tomtom, Reed Richards, Nown

Bandinfo: ---INAKTIV---

The Shorts are back in town!!
Seit Jahren fester Bestandteil des MRS gibt es uns auch diese Runde wieder.
Mit unserem Electro-Südsee-Rock wollen wir auch diesesmal wieder tanzende, lächelnde, verschwitzte Fans zum akustischen Orgasmus bringen.
Wir freuen uns auf Auftritte.

Band of the day 2: MENDEZ

Members: Rodriguez Mendez

Bandinfo: gigangebote können aus unerfindlichen gründen nicht angenommen werden...


nice cd, everybody listen!!!!asdsaaaasssdsaasdafdsffdsfdasdasfasdfdasa s s d f g h j k l ş i . the price is 15 which is affordable. the date released is 01.02.15. The type of the album is live. I has a rating of 80%. Listennn!!!!


This is their best album yet! I've been a fan for a while, and while they had rocky beginnings, their work now is unbelievable! My personal favorite is Start! which is a creative take on video game themes. I have to say though, Be my wife, as much as I'm a sucker of romantic songs, is the worst on the album. It's not a bad song by itself, but compared to the rest of the more excellent songs, it's lacking.
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